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Heavy Weapon Props

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Gear up for epic battles with Wulfgar Props' collection of Heavy Weapons Props. These meticulously crafted props bring a commanding presence to your cosplay or collection. From futuristic cannons to powerful blasters, each piece pays homage to your favorite sci-fi and fantasy worlds, or even the real world.

Ideal for cosplayers and collectors seeking larger-than-life props, our Heavy Weapons Prop collection is crafted with attention to detail and creativity. Elevate your collection and make a statement with Wulfgar Props. Explore our collection now – where each heavy prop is a carefully designed centerpiece, bringing epic flair to your adventures.

Disclaimer: All props are Non-Firing Replicas. None of the props offered by Wulfgar Props can be modified to fire. All items feature orange markings as required by safety regulations. Due to their authentic appearance, exercise discretion and avoid using these props in situations where they may be mistaken for real weapons. Safety is our top priority; treat these props responsibly and be mindful of your surroundings. Check your local laws to see if any other restriction or requirements may apply.

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