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About Wulfgar Props

Located in Lafayette, Indiana, Wulfgar Props is a crew of avid prop builders and fabricators who love to create all things prop-related. Whether getting creative in the workshop or showing off custom costumes at events, the Wulfgar Props crew is always having fun and loving what we do! Our specialists learned their costume-making and prop-making skills purely from the love of the (cosplaying) game.

Our History

One day fearless leader, James Wulfgar, realized the costumes he created for personal events could be shared with a wider audience at conventions. From there it was a natural progression to making costumes for other people. Wulfgar Props got serious with rapid expansion in 2015, which allowed the company to take on more and more projects.

Since then the company has produced work for individuals, movie sets, and even music videos. We're excited to work with anyone that has an exciting creative vision.

Every once and a while someone will come to me and kind of surprise me with something, but it’s all made out of the same kind of material. And that’s part of the fun of the job - we’re always learning new things and love what we do.” - Wulfgar Props founder, James

Wulfgar Props Today

We offer a wide range of props, all created by teaching ourselves techniques that stemmed from our interest in cosplaying.

We sell the props currently available on our website as well as the one-of-a-kind items we design by request. Whether you're looking for a costume for your next convention or a movie set looking for realistic props, Wulfgar Props has a range of services designed to suit your needs.

Contact us so that we can help you build your dream costume or find out more on our custom commissions requests page. 

We are also available as promotional actors & models for events. Message us to book today!

A fun article about us - thanks Indianapolis Monthly!