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Film Contract Details

Interested in having us do the props, costumes, armor, set decore for your upcoming film!? 

Great! We'll just need a few things sent to

1. NDA if you desire 
2. Description of project: Can be a quick overview / concept / full plan, including concept art pictures and script
3. Dates (pre-shooting, shooting, etc):  It's fine if unknown or subject to change.
4. Budget:  It's fine if unknown or subject to change
5. Contact phone number or email

A few things to know: 

Standard Props: 
We carry a lot of "standard props" - for example: Prop M4 Rifle Machine Gun or Western Six Shooters.  

Original Design Vs. Existing Design:
We do a lot of original design of props and armor for feature and short films / shows.  If you're interested in having us design things, that works well for our team, we'd like direction from you of course.  If you have exact concept designs or drawings we can bring those to life as well!  

Rental of props: 
We tend to sell props to film producers, but we're able to and willing to rent props for short duration, so long as they are standard props or something we think we can resell or reuse.